Dining room

“Hayo Haya” is a restaurant, dining room and event hall. It is where guests of Nehara come to enjoy our lux breakfast which is a surefire recipe for the start of a good day full of positive energy.

The restaurant is expansive, seating up to 100 people, and decorated in a unique vintage style, setting the scene for a warm, nostalgic atmosphere.

As part of the dining room’s vintage styling, all sorts of decorative vintage accessories are incorporated in its design, such as a record player, typewriter, laundry board, milk urns, antique cake tins and so on. These pieces complete the dining room’s unique vintage look and make it look like a real museum. The elegant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the vintage floor, the wooden sitting areas and special wood ceiling make the dining room a special, warm and inviting hall, which offers not only a bountiful breakfast buffet, but a unique lounging experience.

Our breakfasts are served between 8:00 and 10:00, including all the makings of an authentic, luxurious Israeli breakfast: a variety of soft and hard cheeses, ten types of salads, various breads and rolls, different breakfast cereal, sweet condiments and cold beverages. The three crowning glories of breakfast at Nehara, receiving endless praise from our guests, are the coffee machine in the dining room, offering quality fresh ground coffee, and our addictive carrot cake and tahini cookies (both freshly baked).

  • Nehara’s dining room also offers lunch and dinner, an option open only for large groups and must be booked in advance.
  • Instead of cold beverages it is possible to order beers, ice cream and popsicles.
  • On Sabbath (Friday evening) we offer a home cooked dinner for those interested (singles, couples, families and groups). Booking in advance is required.
  • Nehara’s dining room-restaurant is also available as an events hall for family gatherings or professional group conventions.

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